Friday, 6 May 2011

The Picnic

I had a picnic with Rabbit in the field today; he is so clever and very interesting to listen to, I'm never bored when Rabbit is around. His big bushy eyebrows and cheeky smile remind me everything is going to be okay. I spread out the picnic blanket over the bed of little white flowers and thin grass, I flopped myself down on it and watched rabbit hop gleefully towards me. He always looked so excited to see me as I was to see him.
"Well," said Rabbit as he put the picnic basket down next to the rainbow blanket I had already layed out. "You really are a lovely surprise my dear" I blushed as we got comfortable, we were surrounded by our favourite colours, delicious food and a special cat tea set. Rabbit is always full of kind words, in fact he says so many kind things, I often wonder where he stores all those delightlful words;maybe in his pockets.
"What are you thinking?" Rabbit asked as we gobbled berries together, he noticed I was away with the fairies again because I completely missed his cat tea cup
 as I poured his tea. "Silly me" I blurted out, "Oh I'm so sorry Rabbit, the past seems to catch up with me at times and I'm persuaded to give in and look back."
Rabbit raised one of his bushy eyebrows and did that tutt tutt sound that only Rabbit could do so brilliantly, he then told me not to be concerned with things that
 take my focus away from my destiny. Rabbit believes we can all fulfill our dreams if we can remember who we are. I thought about that for a moment and I agreed.
As Rabbit sipped his tea he continued with his wise words of wisdom. "Many will try to stop you from being who you should be; some often can not help but speak words  that are like eating a rotten apple, they can not see who you are and so their words are distorted. These types of people will try to shape your future if you let them; be careful or you may loose you way. Not everyone will believe in you infact not many at all but those who do keep them close to you." I thought this was the best advice Rabbit could have given me. 
It was time to depart each others company. Rabbit was very busy but he is never to busy to encourage others. He says people are most important and we should always look out for one another. Just before he scurried away he looked at me and pulled his floppy right ear up and then said, "See I'm not perfect, but I know who I am; create your own path wisely and stick to the plan. Remember the direction you chose and never ever look backwards because thats when a fall is bound to happen." 

I watched Rabbit as he hopped gracefully away, I love having picnics with my good friend, he speaks words of wisdom that resound with my heart. 

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