Thursday, 23 December 2010

Supa dog

My bedroom is full of colourful things and if you were to walk around inside it you may find out a little bit about me. I have a a dog who also has a disorder  - she is completely co-dependant on me..I caught her staring at me for 15 minutes straight the other day while I sat on the couch reading..mmm..I think she may need some help. Although she did go out the other night with myself and some friends to raise awareness about the orphans who live on the Thai Burmer border. ( She was called the supa dog and she had her supa dog outfit on too. She raised $200 for the kids for christmas not bad for a dog with a disorder. Really I love her, she never bothers me or complains, actually she mostly looks as though she is always smiling. She is not supposed to sleep on my bed at night but how can I say no to those adorable eyes.

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